Only three Seconds To 62 MPH In The McLaren 650S

McLaren Automotive has launched overall performance figures for its new 650S sports vehicle ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Demonstrate.

As expected, the McLaren 650S is somewhat more rapidly than the 12C on which it is based mostly, accelerating from to 62 miles per hour in 3. seconds. That is a slim margin, at only .1 seconds more rapidly than the 12C. Coincidentally, the 650S also beats the Ferrari F12 and Porsche 911 Turbo by the very same quantity.

But in a sprint to 124 miles per hour, the 650S is .4 seconds faster than the 12C, thanks to its additional 24 horsepower when compared with the 12C. The 650S takes a scant 74 seconds to hit that extraordinary velocity. Almost half a 2nd is a substantial margin in the world of super cars.

Braking distances, projected fuel economic system and best velocity are identical amongst the McLaren 650S and 12C. Each leading out an remarkable 207 miles per hour, but also attain 24.2 miles per gallon in the European fuel-economy check cycle.

As quick as it is, the new McLaren 650S nonetheless doesn’t come near to the efficiency of the otherworldly McLaren P1, a million-dollar plug-in hybrid electrical super car that was announced final 12 months. (Go through a lot more about it right here.) The P1 rockets to 124 miles per hour in 6.8 seconds. A couple of decades ago, most super vehicles took that lengthy to attain 62 miles per hour.

The 650S also can’t touch the P1 in terms of efficiency, which isn’t surprising offered that the P1 has a plug-in electric hybrid powertrain that enables it to attain an extraordinary 34 miles per gallon in the European test cycle.

The McLaren 650S is comparable to the 12C, but has aerodynamic, chassis and performance enhancements. It will be obtainable in Europe staring in late March as a coupe and a convertible. Read much more about the 650S right here.

However U.S. pricing has not yet been announced, British automotive publications have listed the commencing cost for the McLaren 650S Coupe at 195,000 lbs, and the 650S Spider at 215,000 pounds. That is $ 326,605.50 and $ 360,103.50 at present exchange prices.

See photographs of the 2015 McLaren 650S:

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