One Lap of the World wide web: A podcast anniversary and a Facellia: Automotive information and weirdness from all corners of the Net

Automotive news and weirdness from all corners of the Web

— Ford’;s F-350 can tow 35,000 pounds, which is quite nifty. But it is lacking a single vital element in race-automobile transporting: it really could use Plymouth logos and a red, white and blue paint task with the word “REBEL” emblazoned on the side in the exact same lettering that announced Roosevelt’;s presidency. Consequently, this 1965 Dodge C500 ramp truck built to search like one thing you could uncover in the paddock of Fontana Drag City circa 1965 with an altered-wheelbase Belvedere Funny Vehicle on the back and a situation of Tecate exactly where the Mac tools go. The seller really would like to push this complete Don Prudhomme angle he dedicates the majority of the listing to how fantastic Barrett-Jackson was to Hot Wheels. (He’;ll also trade for a Mopar convertible. What is the stage in getting a Mopar if you have acquired absolutely nothing to tow it with?!) We would steal Ralph Gilles’; Man Van and park it at the Circle K Winternationals in sunny Pomona, Calif.

— For individuals of you who forgot about Dre, I even now cohost this here Hooniverse Podcast. And even I can not believe we’;ve stuck it out for 50 extended and tedious episodes, or 50+ hrs that we have cruelly snatched away from the ears of our listening audience. (“Very good evening, lady and gentlemen…”) But 50 or nothing at all, it’;s even now organization as typical at the Palatial Podcast Palace. My baby-faced cohost Jeff Glucker and I speak at length about driving Aston Martins on ice and driving NSXs in the rain, in addition to a tiny point that happened in a sleepy small Swiss town this week. Examine it out in excess of at Hooniverse, ShoutEngine, or anything called iTunes that we hear will in no way catch on. (If you choose the latter, please depart a review so we can someday “stand victorious in excess of the podcast physique of Adam Carolla.”)

— GIFs are neat. GIFs are the communication strategy of tomorrow: in the long term, all human believed and comprehension will be distilled into neat minor lists of GIFs. At times GIFs conjure a valuable, worthwhile encounter — such as this set of animated photos from the 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone, taken (we’;d assume) from time period newsreels. Giuseppe Farina won in an Alfa Romeo 158/159 Alfetta after 70 laps the leading 3 contenders were all in Alfa Romeos. Juan Manuel Fangio experienced third but retired from initial right after an oil leak. Guess what? He was also driving an Alfa Romeo.

— Literary hero Albert Camus met his finish in a Facel-Vega HK500 on a rain-slicked road by Petit Villeblevin. You can recreate this morbid journey with your quite own Facellia, to the tune of $ 21,995! That not-insignificant chunk of alter gets you an early 1960 convertible, the 123rd Facellia, created in June of 1960. The 1.6-liter Pont-à-Mousson engine and 4-pace manual is unavailable, but the vendor notes that he can throw in a 3.5-liter V6 out of a 1980 Rover SD1 engine as effectively as its 5-velocity overdrive. What could go wrong with that? We’;d drop Miata working gear in there for thorough sacrilege to this gorgeous French entire body. “The realization that life is absurd cannot be an finish, but only a starting,” mentioned Camus. Perhaps you could tow it with the Dodge ramp truck.

Image from the Facel Vega Residence Web page.

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