Observe Jon Stewart and the Everyday Display skewer GM over ignition recalls

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

We adore a excellent Jon Stewart take down rant. The Every day Present host has grown to be a master, taking aim at targets as frequent as the politics and as unusual as Chicago-fashion pizza (to this day, 1 of his funniest and most exact tirades). Whilst Stewart is not a vehicle-crazed comedian like Jay Leno, he’;s addressed the market in the previous, most notably with the “Toyotathon of Death.” Now, he is put with each other a piece on General Motors and its ignition switch recall.

As he so usually does, Stewart points out the absurdity of the recall story, but not prior to commencing with CEO Mary Barra’;s introduction by Dan Akerson. He then goes on to stage out GM’;s failure to handle the predicament, which has been recognized about considering that 2001. It really is all variety of downhill from there. And yes, this is all done while displaying a Russian market place Cobalt, which you can see in the image over.

Stewart isn’;t accomplished there, though. He also points out the curious timing of Mary Barra’;s promotion to CEO, implying, in no uncertain terms, that she could be the fall “gal.” Lastly, GM’;s safety from liability is addressed in a scathing get down that sees Stewart reference serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Fair warning, there is some bleeped cursing right here in each clips. Scroll down to see what Stewart has to say.

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