No One Asked Me But… (March 19, 2014)


No one asked me but… The most recent Supreme Court battle connected to the Affordable Wellness Care Act is in excess of the issue of birth handle. On religious grounds, Pastime Lobby, a crafts organization, and a Mennonite cabinetmaker has refused to pay out for their employee’s birth manage.

While the businesses do not object to preventive birth handle, the 2 refuse to shell out for the “day after” birth management pill, seeing it as a type of abortion. I will not get into the abortion debate right here since I see a better issue with this (IF there can be a higher problem than aborting a existence). The real query is: When did we in America come to the stage of making it possible for the government to dictate what we need to obtain?

Make no mistake that when a firm provides a well being care benefit, it is the employee, not the organization, who pays for the insurance. Personnel negotiate to have the company pay out for insurance, or a portion thereof, and feel it costs them little or nothing at all. What they don’t look to recognize is that the business has a pot of funds for compensating the worker. How they split the pot, cash or rewards, makes tiny variation to the organization. When the government dictates to the business that it should give insurance coverage, the firm just uses funds that they would have paid the employee as a income benefit and then declare they pay for the insurance.

Here is yet another question handful of people inquire. When did birth control become a wellness concern? I would query if the act of generating a pregnancy is a health concern. I am aware of the reality that there are a amount of well being problems as soon as the pregnancy takes place. I have no issue with individuals health issues being covered by the insurance an person chooses to obtain. I have no issue with businesses like birth manage in their insurance ideas if they choose to do so. The problem is not the provision but the dictation by an oppressive government.

If you want to argue that imbibing in promiscuous sexual activity is a wellness hazard, therefore worker mandated insurance should cover it, that is a a lot diverse problem than birth manage. If the problem is stopping STDs, then allow people who believe the business must pay out for contraceptives on that basis say so, rather than hide behind the façade of “birth control”

Most birth control techniques do not defend against illness. If they did, and prevention of the disease is a valid explanation to offer coverage, perhaps we should demand firms to buy bicycle helmets for their staff who bicycle for workout. Businesses could shell out for bubble wrap to safeguard their employees who decide intense off-roading is a fantastic means of recreation. How about obtaining employers purchase floatation units for weekend boaters? There are a myriad of actions that staff engage in that could outcome in overall health issues. Is it the employer’s accountability to give preventive protection for each and every of these?

I listened to Sandra Fluke, a young lawyer who testified prior to Congress that her health was harmed by her college’s wellness insurance coverage supplier refusal to spend for her birth handle. She claimed that, in the course of her time as a law student, birth manage cost her in extra of $ 3,000 a yr. She also stated that forty% of Georgetown Law School’s female population suffered financial hardship due to the fact birth management was not covered by the student overall health insurance program, and that the lack of contraception coverage in the university insurance coverage ideas would induce many reduced-revenue college students to go without having contraceptives. She did not indicate it was a health dilemma, but a fiscal 1.

The real questions are: 1. Need to the government dictate that a business need to give health insurance at all? 2. Should a man or woman be needed to acquire insurance if the business does not?

I am conscious that the Supreme Court has ruled that the mandate of the Cost-effective Overall health Care Act is Constitutional. They did so by ruling that the mandated costs are not costs but taxes and the federal government has the right to tax. I am further mindful of the truth that governments, at all ranges, tax the individuals. My last trip to H&R Block manufactured that abundantly clear. Some of those taxes are even collected by private businesses, i.e. the sales tax, and then passed on to the government. Nonetheless, this current Supreme Court ruling in essence has made the premium you pay out to your health care provider a tax. This is a tax collected by a private organization and kept by that company.

When a single argues the government are not able to, Constitutionally, demand a man or woman to purchase wellness insurance coverage, those who assistance the law counter with the reality that state governments mandate these who drive a automobile need to have car insurance. I will gladly argue that too is not within the Constitutional authority of State governments. It has turn out to be an accepted reality, but it has no far more Constitutional basis than necessary well being insurance coverage.

An American should have the option of having automobile insurance or not having car insurance coverage.

Folks are upset that the Las Vegas police will no longer come to non-injury auto accidents to aid decide who is at fault. Without having the police, the insurance coverage organizations say they can not figure out which organization must pay out for the damages. It must make no big difference who is at fault. As a famous Secretary of State and long term Presidential hopeful once mentioned, “What big difference does it make?” Each and every business should spend for the damages to the person’s automobile who holds a policy with them.

If I choose to pay out for car insurance coverage, my fault or the other persons fault ought to not matter. In fact, most individuals now carry insurance coverage towards the uninsured driver. It is sensible to have the 2 auto and well being insurance, but a governmental company ought to not dictate in both case. The level is the government, State or Federal, has no business telling the citizens what they should or should not obtain.

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