Nissan testing experimental dealer with no desks or offices

Nissan UK Showroom

Nissan thinks it has identified a far better way to promote vehicles, and it entails stripping showrooms of every thing but the autos and sales crew. The brand calls the experiment the Nissan New Retail Concept, and it may well get examined in the US in a few years.

The concept is comparatively straightforward. Showrooms ditch offices, reception counters, cubicles and desks. Rather salespeople walk all around inside and outside the dealer with mobile gadgets to assist customers and even full product sales. Associates are trained to take quick obligation for every visitor they experience. For illustration, if owners comes within with a issue with their car, the worker escorts them to the services division and introduces them.

A dealer in London has been testing the new layout for the last 9 months, and so far it reports far better consumer fulfillment, loyalty and most importantly higher income. Nissan up coming programs to launch test stores in Moscow and Stuttgart. Then it will broaden out to more of Western Europe and last but not least will be tested in the Japan, the US and the Middle East, according to Automotive News.

Koen Maes, Vice President Customer and Retail Expertise of Nissan Europe, came up with the notion. “The total concept of taking a shopper – male or female – back into a back area to finalize the deal is threatening. We want to get away from that,” he said to Automotive Information.

The notion is undoubtedly novel and echoes the client-centric product sales approach utilized to sell a lot of luxury products. Salespeople may not welcome the inability to sit down while working, although. We have contacted Nissan for much more information about the dealer’;s layout and idea and will update this story if and when we hear back.

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