Next Chevy Volt will be 2016 model and trip on new chassis

Chevy Volt

What do we know about the 2016 Chevy Volt? Nicely, for now, all we can do is try out to put the puzzle collectively without having the box. Fortunately, a new batch of pieces has arrived from a new report in Edmunds, which says that the 2016 model year will introduce the 2nd generation of a car that has not been substantially updated given that it went on sale in 2010. The new Volt is acquiring an “evolutionary styling alter” and will trip on a new front-drive platform that has been developed by Standard Motors. GM’;s Kevin Kelly told AutoblogGreen that he has “no comment on future products,” but he did acknowledge that Chevrolet is doing work on a second-generation Volt, “but I can’;t say anything about timing.”

Everybody presently knew that a following-gen Volt is coming, so which is not a surprise. What we never know is any genuine concrete info on the car itself. The handful of tidbits of information we do have support define the outlines of the up coming version of Chevy’;s halo auto, but they are not confirmed but. For the record, they assortment from the eye-raising (a $ 10,000 cost drop) to the logical (20 % far more electric selection). We cannot see the total picture but, but the pieces do point to the 2016 Volt, which would be released up coming yr sometime, currently being a a lot greater deal than the final update, when the Volt’;s selection was improved by 3 electric miles thanks to a battery capacity enhance of sixteen kWh to sixteen.5.

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