Newest Jaguar XJ snaps show old versus new

Jaguar XJ Facelift

It is a uncommon day when automakers line up their recent versions and test cars appropriate up coming to each other and allow us to assess them right. Nevertheless, Jaguar ending up doing just that for the duration of cold weather testing of the face lifted XJ, offering the perfect likelihood to see just what the organization is altering.

We spotted the refreshed XJ testing final year, and it hasn’;t evolved a lot because then. The up to date model sports activities clear turn signals and a slightly revised front air dam. The modifications are similarly small at the rear. The bumper appears to dip down slightly even more on the new sedan. Fortunately, these stunning taillights are nevertheless draped over the back of the vehicle. The exhaust outlets have switched to oval shapes rather than the current parallelograms. This alteration could just be chalked up to it becoming a test auto, but the prior tester we saw had a comparable design. It’;s attainable that the camouflage could be hiding other revisions, but do not assume anything radical from the facelift.

Our previous report indicated that Jaguar is also planning some interior upgrades with new infotainment and ambient lighting. The organization appears to really feel that there is not a stage in messing with the XJ’;s style just nevertheless, given that all of the alterations we see here are extremely subtle. No difficulties, right here – to our eyes, the large Jag is even now one particular of the prettier sedans on the street today.

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