New trend sees SUV drivers paying more for parking

The cars backed into the famous parking

Cities close to the planet have taken key measures to minimize congestion. We’;ve talked at length about London’;s use of congestion charging, whilst the German city of Hamburg is operating to ban cars outright. Now, admittedly, neither of these options would operate in the US, due to the fact ‘Murica. That isn’;t going to suggest there won’;t be some attempts to regulate greater cars out of US cities. Remarkably, even though, this move doesn’;t seem to come from regulators. Rather, it truly is the folks that provide the parking.

Market place Observe reports on situations in New York City, San Francisco, Boston and Washington, D.C. in which parking garages are charging vans, SUVs and other oversize vehicles a lot more for parking. 2 garage businesses in Manhattan, responsible for about 400 parking garages, are charging $ 10 to $ 15 much more per day for larger automobiles. Beantown, meanwhile, has garages demanding an additional $ 40 per day for large cars.

“This is an sector the place if one particular firm commences supplying it at a various price, other individuals will follow,” Margot Tohn, CEO of Park It Guides, advised MW.

Ostensibly, the additional charge is due the additional dimension of an SUV or van. That doesn’;t suggest there are not any critics to this large city move, although.

“It is one more way to nickel and dime buyers and make a number of added bucks,” William Maloney, founder of travel internet site, told MW. “Most SUVs fit in fairly much the identical parking room.”

We would be inclined to agree with Maloney’;s sentiment – yes, SUVs are big, but unless the parking spots are being redrawn and manufactured smaller, we don’;t much see the situation. What do you believe? Must parking a Assortment Rover or Ford Explorer cost more than parking a Toyota Camry or BMW 3 Series? What about greater cars, like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Need to individuals drivers be charged far more? Have your say in Remarks.

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