New Insurance Cost Calculator for Right after an Accident

“ is an on the web resource designed to aid simplify the Department of Motor Cars”

The Automobile Accident Insurance coverage Calculator estimates how much car insurance costs increase following a single or 2 at-fault accident claims

Chicago, IL. One accident can have a disastrous impact on auto insurance premiums., an on the web resource for the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and driving-related issues, has developed a device to determine the boost in automobile insurance coverage premiums right after an accident.’s Car Accident Insurance coverage Calculator aims to educate Americans about the value of an accident and insurance declare.

Right after a collision, insurance coverage suppliers generally boost policy premiums for a period of 5 years. This increase displays the added chance that these drivers pose to insurers. With the new calculator from, drivers can predict how considerably their premiums will improve, based mostly on their home state and present charge.

The Vehicle Accident Insurance coverage Calculator estimates how a lot car insurance charges increase soon after one or 2 at-fault accident claims. The final results, based on 2013-2014 insurance coverage data, display that after one accident, the regular American’s premiums will enhance by a total of $ 1,468 in excess of a time period of 5 many years. This implies drivers will spend $ 24.47 every single month, in addition to their regular prices.

The typical cost of auto insurance coverage, and the common increase right after an accident, varies from state to state. New Jersey, Washington D.C, Louisiana, New York, and Florida have the most pricey premiums. At $ one,183 a yr, New Jersey has the highest typical insurance coverage premiums in the United States. Following an accident, insurance coverage costs improve the most in Massachusetts, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Minnesota. Policyholders in Massachusettsexperience the greatest increases right after a claim the average driver in the state will experience a 67% price hike following their 1st at-fault accident.

Automobile insurance premiums are influenced by a assortment of other factors which includes driver age, gender, and automobile type. The Calculator provides different outputs for substantial, regular, and minimal threat profiles. These profiles are based on driver age, gender, credit score score, and various levels of coverage. After an accident, an typical large-danger driver will pay out $ 770 a lot more, in excess of 5 many years, than a driver with a typical threat profile.

The Automobile Accident Insurance coverage Calculator also estimates increases in insurance rates after a 2nd claim. On regular, drivers who make 2 accident claims will experience an extra 86% improve in their insurance coverage costs. This signifies that following a 2nd at-fault accident, the common American will invest an added $ 6,035 on auto insurance more than 5 years.

For much more distinct details about your car insurance rates and how they can be influenced by accidents, speak to your insurance coverage provider or check out the our Automobile Accident Insurance coverage Calculator. is an online resource designed to aid simplify the Department of Motor Cars. As a private firm, helps hundreds of thousands of individuals receive the details and solutions that they want swiftly and simply. is a privately owned internet site that is not affiliated with any government agencies. For much more data, please visit

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