New Bill Would Get rid of Cap on Automobile Insurance coverage Costs

RALEIGH — A newly proposed bill would do away with North Carolina’;s cap on automobile insurance costs.

At the moment, North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin sets a cap for automobile insurance organizations each year. Companies then have the selection of offering driver discounts.

The new Good Driver Discount bill would let companies to opt out of existing technique and set their personal prices.

Harry Kaplan, vice president of government relations for McGuire Woods Consulting, said risk-free drivers are paying also considerably and don’;t have accessibility to discount rates other states provide.

“There are discount rates that are offered in North Carolina, but there are a whole lot that are not and this bill would enable these reductions to be offered,” Kaplan said.

Critics of the bill tout the truth that North Carolina presently has the sixth-lowest average car insurance charge in the country.

“This bill that has the title Very good Driver Discount bill is misleading,” Goodwin explained “It is not about discount rates for drivers or excellent drivers. It is about raising charges for most of most drivers in North Carolina.”

Goodwin stated the law would give too a lot electrical power to the insurance coverage organizations.

“They submit their request relating to rates when a yr by law. This will split it up into a number of diverse entities so that you have some insurance organizations going 1 way, other car insurance firms going one more and will lessen my capacity to defend customers from charges that could very well go through the roof,” he mentioned.

The subject is slated for discussion in the short session.

2 thoughts on “New Bill Would Get rid of Cap on Automobile Insurance coverage Costs

  1. LowRatesNC

    FAIRNC’s greedy proposal is a load of hooey! North Carolina’s auto insurers already have 2,081 discounts on the books — including hundreds from FAIRNC’s members. Shame on them for misleading the public and the legislature.

    BTW, their bill would give discounts to speed demons and drunk drivers. That’s right — DRUNK DRIVERS. Sounds like a BAD Driver Discount Bill!


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