NASCAR’s Haas, HRT’s Kolles front-runners for new F1 teams

Colin Kolles

Back in December we received word that the FIA was getting ready to open up the application procedure for a new staff to join Formula One. A month later on we heard that Gene Haas, founder of NASCAR team Stewart-Haas Racing, was throwing his proverbial hat in the ring. Now the word on the street circuit is that, not only is Haas the front-runner, but F1 organizers could permit a second new group in as well.

The identity of that second group has but to be disclosed, but rumors have been pointing towards Colin Kolles generating a comeback at the head of a new outfit. Kolles (pictured over) is an skilled (if somewhat unsuccessful) F1 strategist who has helmed the Jordan/Midland/Spyker/Force India crew for 4 seasons and directed the newcomer Hispania Racing Staff for 3 seasons (with no a single championship level to present for it) until the team shut down. He is also co-founder of the Kodewa racing outfit responsible for the Lotus LMP2 program as effectively as its motorbike startup, and is tipped to be pitching a Romanian entry to F1, but would, in all probability, base his operations in the Uk.

As would Haas, despite its American origins. Apparently bearing no relation to Carl Haas (who ran teams in everything from Can-Am and NASCAR to Indy and even F1), as previously pointed out, the entry is becoming pitched by Gene Haas, founder of CNC tooling magnate Haas Automation and the Stewart-Haas Racing crew with which the likes of Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch have all won races in the top-tier Sprint Cup – like the championship in 2011.

Both entries are reportedly pending confirmation from the FIA, but could be accepted inside of the month and join the grid for following season.

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