NASCAR puts pressure of preserving tires on teams: NASCAR will not monitor whether or not teams stick to recommendations from Goodyear

NASCAR won’;t keep track of whether or not teams comply with suggestions from Goodyear

Published on April 3, 2014

NASCAR said teams won't be able to blame Goodyear if their tires aren't used as recommended.

LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC – NASCAR is putting the responsibilities of sustaining tires on the teams at Texas Motor Speedway.

NASCAR will not regulate tire pressures at Texas Motor Speedway, and if drivers have tire failures in the course of Sunday’;s race officials believe they will not be in a position to blame Goodyear.

Hoping to give a lot more manage above setups and method to race teams, NASCAR is refusing to get involved in monitoring regardless of whether teams decide on to comply with suggestions set every week by Goodyear.

There have been a number of tire issues at California 2 weeks in the past, and many drivers attempted to blame the product Goodyear brought to the track. NASCAR insisted the troubles had been self-inflicted and a merchandise of teams going far past the air strain limits recommended by the manufacturer.

With a handful of drivers predicting similar issues this weekend at Texas, NASCAR vice president of competitors Robin Pemberton stated every single staff controls its personal fate.

“We want to be open adequate to give the teams opportunity to change and have diverse setups out there and be a lot more aggressive or much less aggressive every time they sit match,” Pemberton mentioned Thursday. “We want the teams to be capable to push the restrict, and that is what we count on out of them. If a man has a tire situation that is self-inflicted and gets out of the automobile and blames Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., that’;s a poor deal. That generally is what some of them experimented with to do at California.”

Goodyear every single week presents teams minimum lbs per square inch pressure suggestions based mostly on each testing and information from earlier tires. NASCAR has maintained the vast majority of failures at California occurred when teams made the decision to go below the advisable strain.

“I believe there are some guys that went too far at California and it value them opportunities, and there are guys that have been more calculated and didn’;t go overboard and capitalized,” Pemberton mentioned. “So here we are coming to Texas, another fast race track, and there’;s concern that they will overuse the tires. But Goodyear is ahead of it and told them what it will take to fail and what it will take to succeed on left side tire pressures and it’;s up to teams to use them properly.”

Goodyear this week presented teams a chart of advised inflation pressures and occasions ahead of a possible failure based on testing information. The manufacturer will use for the 1st time this season the multi-zone tread tire, which combines 2 distinct rubber compounds on the same right-side tire. The compound utilized on the outdoors 10 inches of the tread is created for traction, and the compound on the inside 2 inches is developed for durability.

The within compound is tougher to give the tire a cushion for the heat and abuse it will take on specific tracks.

Goodyear utilized the multi-zone tire final yr at Atlanta and Kansas to fairly good suggestions from drivers. Texas was a good match because the track abuses tires and produces high speeds and loads — which both should be up this year with the current configuration of the cars.

The left side tires currently being utilized at Texas are the identical as individuals used at the track the last 2 years. The right sides are the new multi-zone tires and have been not track examined. Goodyear alternatively lab-examined the tires, trying to replicate real race conditions.

Goodyear director of race tire sales Greg Stucker mentioned the lab verifies tire overall performance and validates strain recommendations.

“As soon as we make this data, confirming our recommendation and at which air pressures the tires want to be run, we share that details with the teams,” Stucker mentioned. “Teams have asked for some versatility with how they set up their automobiles. This data is just another tool in their toolbox.”

4-time series champion Jeff Gordon questioned Goodyear’;s selection not to physically test the tires at Texas.

“I think we will see troubles there. We noticed problems there last 12 months,” Gordon said. “I think as a staff we are currently hunting at factors that we were carrying out final 12 months that we can seem at making an attempt to enhance as far as abusiveness on the tires for Texas. From what I realize, they didn’;t test in California, and I believe that that was certainly a blunder simply because I think some of individuals items may possibly have shown up in that test. Did they test in Texas? And if they didn’;t, then I hope they have a backup strategy due to the fact I do consider that we are going to have some concerns there.”

Pemberton stated it is up to the teams to stroll the fine line of pushing the limits Goodyear offers them in an energy to rise in what is shaping up to be a quite competitive season.

“We want folks to be aggressive. We’;ve asked the tire manufacturer to carry greater tires, we’;ve acquired a better auto this 12 months than last yr and we have opened up the window of chance with teams to either be successful or fail,” Pemberton mentioned. “All of individuals issues coming together this 12 months have brought us some wonderful racing.”

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