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Hi guys,

I hope you can support with what is supposed to be an easy query.

I have been with the very same automobile insurer for 5 many years, recently was up for renewal so I received a quote which I accepted. Never had accidents or claims.

Right after accepting, with their last letter they sent with the insurance coverage disk there was a policy schedule and a new document, new format this yr of statement of information.

On the statement of truth, it study that the policy was for an estimate of 10,000 km per 12 months.
I checked immediately and I may have driven an typical of 10,500 km a 12 months above the final 5 years: some years I drove 9,000 km (last) some other a little in excess of eleven,000.

I produced an typical in excess of 5 years and comes out at close to 10,500 km. I had by no means paid as well significantly attention to how considerably I was driving due to the fact on none of the paperwork they sent me prior to there was a figure.

I referred to as the insurer, explained it as clear as I could and request a modify on the policy to 15,000km per yr, which they did. They also offered a new statement of fact.

My query is if in situation of issue or claim they can refuse to pay because of this even if I amended the policy? Or after they are notified and the policy is amended I have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.


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