MoT: Very best not to be puzzled!

New analysis from Kwik Fit1 reveals a number of worrying motoring misconceptions, with 3.4 million (9 per cent) drivers admitting they had been not mindful that an MoT certificate was a legal necessity for vehicles above 3 years previous in the Uk.

The research highlighted similarly widespread amounts of ignorance with regards to other motoring obligations, with 9 per cent of drivers admitting they did not realise car insurance was compulsory and 10 per cent saying the very same about a valid tax disc.

Even though some drivers are unaware of which things are legal demands, other motorists think laws are stricter than they are in reality. As component of the research, Kwik Fit questioned motorists about the need to have to services their auto annually and located that a fifth (20 per cent) incorrectly believed this was a legal obligation. A additional 46 per cent mistakenly considered that the law necessary them to carry a spare tyre in the United kingdom and 18 per cent incorrectly explained the same about an emergency warning triangle.

The investigation also uncovered confusion amongst motorists as to what checks are integrated in an MoT, raising worries that millions of drivers could be relying on this check to make sure the safety of things that are not element of the checklist. All around forty per cent of motorists stated they expected their car’s oil ranges to be checked as element of an MoT and 38 per cent anticipated their battery situation to be assessed. The very same applies to air filters (thirty per cent), brake fluid (58 per cent) and even cleanliness (5 per cent).

Checks integrated in an MoT test:

:: Car Identification Amount

:: Registration Plate

:: Lights

:: Steering & Suspension

:: Wipers and washer bottle

:: Windscreen

:: Horn

:: Seatbelts

:: Seats

:: Fuel Technique

:: Emissions

:: Bodywork

:: Doors

:: Mirrors

:: Wheels & Tyres

:: Brakes

Roger Griggs, director of communications at Kwik Fit, commented: “This widespread confusion amongst motorists is alarming and raises true issues in excess of driver security and compliance with the law. It is crucial that vehicle owners really don’;t rely fully on an MoT check for motor vehicle upkeep, as servicing is a fundamental portion of maintaining both the security and value of a vehicle, even although it isn’t a legal necessity.

“Our tips to motorists is to make sure they get the essentials right, which include insurance coverage, MoT, servicing and tax, as these are crucial for maintaining a car secure and legal.”

Of people questioned in Kwik Fit’s survey, 6 per cent – equivalent to 2.6 million motorists – admitted to obtaining driven without a legitimate MoT certificate in the past and 21 per cent say they have attempted to consider and repair vehicle faults and damages themselves to ensure their car would pass its MoT test.

Ignorance surrounding what is or is not necessary for driving in the Uk was most prevalent amongst younger drivers, with 15 per cent of these aged 18-24 saying they believed a tax disc was optional and 15 per cent saying the identical about insurance coverage. A third (33 per cent) of these young drivers also stated they thought an yearly support was compulsory.

Kwik Match carries out more MOT tests in the United kingdom than any other firm, with MOTs being supplied at 512 of its centres.

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