MetroMile Expands Connected Driving Platform to Illinois

MetroMile announced that it is expanding its linked driving platform to drivers in Illinois.

The Organization stated consumers who indicator up for MetroMile will get access to the complete set of companies made to save drivers time and funds, such as MetroMile’;s totally free Metronome gadget and mobile app, and a “democratic” insurance coverage selection – the nation’;s only shell out-per- mile auto insurance coverage policy. Illinois joins California, Washington, and Oregon as states presently giving MetroMile’;s services.

In a release, MetroMile mentioned it developed its pay out-per-mile car insurance merchandise in response to the trend that even though U.S. drivers are driving less – travel on all roads and streets dropped approximately 3.1 billion miles in February 2013 compared to February 2012 (U.S. DoT) – standard insurance organizations have not adjusted the way they charge their consumers.

A new survey from MetroMile discovered that this trend is constant with Chicago-location drivers – far more than half (51 percent) of adult drivers in the metro Chicago location drive much less than 10,000 miles a year. For adults 18-29, this was accurate for 60 % of respondents. Developed for these who drive much less than 10,000 miles a 12 months, MetroMile saves the common client much more than $ 400 yearly.

“We are fired up to deliver the initial large shift in auto insurance coverage in many years to drivers in Chicago,” mentioned MetroMile CEO Dan Preston. “MetroMile’;s pay out-per-mile car insurance is the initial phase in empowering urban drivers to very own a automobile beneath their personal terms. Our free Metronome gadget and iOS app also give drivers with prescriptive advice to save them time and income. Our purpose is to serve as an advocate for drivers, unlocking the information in their automobiles to help them to consider control of the expenses and time associated with owning a auto. Over time, we will be launching extra companies that deliver on this mission, and provide sensible solutions to some of the largest issues of urban auto ownership. We are fundamentally rethinking the romantic relationship among automobile and driver to make it simpler, less complicated, and significantly less expensive.”

In addition to its flagship car insurance item, MetroMile provides a cost-free iOS app that supplies drivers with predictive insights to help them conserve time and fuel on their daily drives, diagnose examine engine lights, and find their car wherever it is parked. MetroMile consumers merely plug MetroMile’;s free linked vehicle device, the Metronome, into the OBD II port of their automobile. The Metronome captures data from the vehicle, and transmits it wirelessly to the MetroMile platform.

The predictive services MetroMile provides had been designed in response to the very same varieties of driver ache factors that have been raised in the final results of MetroMile’;s consumer survey. For instance:

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-Half (50 %) of respondents make a lot more of a conscious attempt to drive much less than they did 5 many years ago

-Much more than half (57 percent) of respondents cited substantial gas costs/ want to save money as the primary motivator for minimizing their driving

-Virtually 30 percent (29 %) of respondents have employed public transportation at least after a month within the past yr

-Sixty-6 percent of respondents would consider utilizing a pay out-per- mile car insurance mod

-Sixty-2 percent of respondents cited site visitors as their largest frustration when it comes to driving in Chicago

“We know that folks residing in cities normally drive significantly less than half the nationwide average. The survey final results present Chicago-spot residents are also making a concerted effort to minimize their driving even more, due to the cost of gas,” Preston said. “We produced MetroMile to deal with these precise challenges, from minimizing the price of car ownership by way of our spend-per-mile car insurance item to minimizing the time devote in site visitors through the predictive suggestions delivered via our free mobile app. We think that driver information is one of their most valuable assets – it is MetroMile’;s mission to put that information back into drivers’; hands to aid them save time and funds.”

This survey was carried out on the internet on behalf of MetroMile in February 2014 amongst 1,333 auto owners and lessees more than 18 many years previous in the Chicago/Naperville/Joliet metro area.

MetroMile is building a platform for companies built close to the requirements of drivers – from beneficial driving data and insights to an totally new shell out-per-mile car insurance model. MetroMile technology combines hardware, software, and cloud-primarily based infrastructure to access, analyze and control driving information at a massive scale. MetroMile is located in San Francisco, Calif,

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