Mercedes previews sleek concept for CES

  • Teased
  • Wed, 31 Dec 2014 10:01:00 EST

It was more than 2 months ago that we spotted a mysterious cloaked prototype explained to belong to Mercedes, but we did not know significantly about it at the time. And we nonetheless do not, but at least the German automaker has given us an thought of what to search forward to.

Launched on Facebook is this teaser image exhibiting a silhouette of what appears to be that exact same idea auto. The image is accompanied only by these few phrases: “The long term will be bolder than you have ever imagined” and tagged by an accompanying #mbCES – which tells us only that, a) it is futuristic, which we presently knew, and b) that it really is coming to the CES, set to be held around a week from now in Las Vegas.

The sleek one-box layout seems to have some kind of appendage atop its roof – just the sort of periscope that may possibly house, say, some cameras – foremost to speculation that the notion behind this notion would be to showcase autonomous driving engineering. We’;d also be shocked if it weren’;t electrical powered and – provided the backdrop for its reveal – all the technology Daimler can throw at it. But a single way or an additional, we’;ll be discovering out soon, so view this space.

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