Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG gets its Shooting Brake on

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake

We give BMW a complete lot of grief for its niche-exploiting ways. Examine our report on the rumored X2 to see what we imply. But in reality, Mercedes-Benz is very nearly as guilty. The latest batch of proof supporting the argument is this, the Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake.

See, Mercedes previously makes the A-Class, a 5-door hatch that rides on the identical platform as the CLA. It also makes the GLA, a 5-door crossover. Quod erat demonstrandum, there is no purpose to make a 5-door hatch based mostly on the CLA, even if it is this darn quite. Significantly like we would rather have a CLS Shooting Brake than an E-Class Wagon, the prolonged, swooping roof does the presently desirable CLA plenty of favors, especially in AMG guise.

Outside of the longer, slinkier roofline, that AMG powertrain need to remain intact, with a 2.-liter, turbocharged 4-cylinder dispatching all around 360 horsepower to a 4Matic all-wheel-drive technique. Past the powertrain, there are the normal AMG calling cards, such as the multi-spokes wheels and aggressive body kit, comprehensive with some obvious vents in the front fascia. The tail hides a subtle set of quad exhausts, although the rear bumper has grown vents.

As with the greater CLS Shooting Brake, we should not count on seeing the 5-door CLA on US shores. What do you think about this 1? Should Mercedes be selling a suitable hot hatch in the US, rather than just a scorching sedan, or are you content just possessing a 4-door CLA?

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