McLaren’s baby P13 coming up coming year with several bodystyles, $160K sticker price tag

McLaren MP4-12C Production

However you could hardly phone it “low-cost” by most requirements, when McLaren Automotive booted up with the launch of the MP4-12C 3 years in the past, it was, reasonably speaking, the most affordable McLaren nevertheless. Less expensive than the authentic McLaren F1, less expensive than the SLR it produced for Mercedes-Benz, and definitely less expensive than any of the racing machinery for which the firm is acknowledged. From there, even so, things only got a lot more expensive. The 12C Spider arrived with a greater checklist price than the coupe, the P1 that much more so, and the 650S slots in between the 2. As we reported last week, there is a new flagship codenamed P15 in the works that will be significantly less high-priced than the P1, but nonetheless significantly far more than the 12C or 650S. So when will McLaren supply some thing a small bit more obtainable?

That is the subsequent venture in the pipeline. Following the internal nomenclature that dubbed the 12C as P11, the 650S as P11M, P1 as P12 and the aforementioned approaching flagship as P15, the forthcoming “child McLaren” is identified close to Woking as the P13. (Which only makes us wonder what the P14 may possibly be, but that is a question for an additional time.) What we’;ll be looking at with the P13 (what ever it will be known as when it reaches manufacturing) is a 2-door supercar primarily based on the same carbon Monocell that underpins the rest of the McLaren lineup but will not, contrary to what Car and Driver predicts, be considerably smaller sized than the 12C.

What it will be is cheaper – at least, relatively speaking, that is. In correspondence with Autoblog, McLaren communications chief Wayne Bruce confirms that the P13 will carry a sticker value starting “from about 2 thirds of what a 12C would value you nowadays.” That would area it close to $ 160,000 (significantly less than what C/D forecasts) and square in between the most current Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S or the V10 and V10 Plus versions of the Audi R8.

“Guessing that its styling may possibly be influenced by P1’;s, or without a doubt a 650S,” we’;re told, “is as evident as saying it’;ll have 2 seats.” McLaren also confirms that it “will be provided in far more than a single bodystyle,” which we would get to mean coupe and convertible versions as are provided on the 12C and 650S, but leaves the door open to all sorts of added prospects in the long term. We’;re informed not to expect the P13 to debut this yr, but provided McLaren’;s cadence of revealing 1 new model per annum, we would seem forward to seeing it sometime in 2015.

Every time it does debut, power will in all probability come from a detuned version of the very same 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and 7-velocity DCT which McLaren designed with Ricardo for the 12C and which has, in some type or one more, powered every single McLaren street vehicle because. But just how much energy it will generate and to what overall performance targets continue to be to be noticed. Earlier reports recommended about 450 horsepower, but our compatriots at Auto and Driver assume closer to 500, a level of output McLaren would need to preserve up (in bragging rights if not on the street) with the 520hp 911 Turbo, 560hp Turbo S, 525hp R8 V10 and 550hp R8 V10 Plus. It wouldn’;t want to come too shut to the 616 hp provided in the 12C, though, even if and when it does ultimately give way to the 640hp 650S.

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