Mattress knocks man off bicycle, cushions the blow

Mattress Bike

Regular cyclists know that cars are among of the biggest dangers on the road. Several of drivers aren’;t very very good at sharing the street, and which is specifically the situation with this pickup driver. To make issues worse, its payload is not even correctly strapped down. Nonetheless, that may have saved this rider. It gave him the a single-in-a-million shot of obtaining knocked off his bike 1 moment and a split-2nd later on lying on a mattress.

The very best part may be the guy’;s response afterward. There is no sound in the video, but it is quite effortless to picture what is going through his head even though he is sitting there. The rider appears unscathed by the crash, but his bike fate is left relatively ambiguous. Scroll down to watch and now that the weather is warming, remember to share the street with cyclists.

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