Males are negative drivers: ruling

Aarti J Narsee | 2014-03-27 00:07:23.

The commercial, which was aired on and SABC, was criticised for depicting male drivers as “reckless” and “negligent”. File photo

Men pose a greater threat than females when it comes to car insurance.

This is the obtaining of the Advertising Specifications Authority, which created a ruling right after 2 men cried sexism more than a tv advert for insurer 1st for Girls.

The industrial, which was aired on e.television and SABC, was criticised for depicting male drivers as “reckless” and “negligent”.

The animated ad tells a “story” of a female and male driver.

The male driver hops into his car by way of the window and the female makes use of the driver’;s door.

The advert continues with the male spinning the car’;s wheels and crashing into a wall. The female drives off safely.

The advert ends with: “Men are a greater danger than women.”

The complainants, Thono Ranthloa and Nhlanhla Moloi, explained the ad was “sexist” and “perpetuates misconceptions” about men as “poor or irresponsible drivers”.

Robyn Farrell, executive head of 1st for Women, mentioned : ” Our intention was to highlight, in a light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek method, that guys are a increased danger than females and at times do silly things – items that females would not typically do.”

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