Lexus’ Pre-Programmed Texts Are Much more Than ‘Yes’ and ‘No’


Automakers integrating text message functionality into new cars is a trend cropping up in every thing from’;s former 2013 Honda Civic prolonged-phrase tester to the 2014 Lexus ES 350 we just lately examined. Even however the level of distracted driving even though utilizing such programs is even now becoming debated, the connectivity is proliferating speedily.

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You probably know the fundamentals: Drivers can pay attention and respond to incoming text messages by way of the car’;s multimedia and Bluetooth system by way of voice commands or preprogrammed reply messages. We’;re employed to seeing “Yes,” “No” and “I am driving” responses. The ES 350’;s SMS Text-to-Speech With Reply function will take preprogrammed responses to another degree with 15 available replies.

Households with 2 outfitted vehicles can rather a lot have an complete conversation merely by making use of the numerous preprogrammed responses. For example:

Lexus one: “I am running late.”
Lexus 2: “The place are you?”
Lexus 1: “I’;m caught in visitors.”
Lexus 2: “Cannot wait to see you.”
Lexus one: “LOL.”

That is harsh, Lexus 1. Message recipients must instantaneously identify the text messages as a preprogrammed response from a Lexus car because the message’;s grammar and punctuation is, properly, formal. Translation: What you might be utilized to seeing as “Cant W8 2 C U” comes from the ES 350 as “Can’;t wait to see you.”

Lexus also permits customers to get imaginative and edit the 15 messages. The ES 350’;s SMS Text-to-Speech With Reply attribute is portion of the optional Navigation/Premium Audio Bundle for $ 2,625. The 15 preprogrammed responses contain the following:

  • “I am driving. I will get in touch with you back later.”
  • “I’;m working late.”
  • “I’;ll arrive quickly.”
  • “Thanks.”
  • “I’;m on my way.”
  • “I am driving appropriate now, please call me. “
  • “I’;m stuck in traffic.”
  • “Cannot wait to see you.”
  • “No.”
  • “Yes.”
  • “Cannot talk right now, I am driving.”
  • “You happen to be the best!”
  • “Do you need to have something?”
  • “The place are you?”
  • “LOL.”

My Verizon-ne2rk Samsung Galaxy S3 sent and obtained text messages from the Lexus flawlessly, but not all phones are compatible with each function. Check out your phone’;s compatibility with Lexus’; SMS Text-to-Speech With Reply here.

Research the 2014 Lexus ES 350 photograph by Joe Bruzek

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