Lawsuits contend GM has not recalled all defective Cobalts


Common Motors is dealing with further lawsuits in California and Alabama relating to the faulty ignition switches that have forced it to recall some one.6 million Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn vehicles. These suits are a bit various than GM’;s other legal issues, even though.

In the California case, a suit was filed with a federal court in San Francisco alleging that the ignition switch problem is existing on newer Chevrolet Cobalts, up by means of the 2010 model yr, with claims that the ignition could be switched off by a driver’;s knee. Presently, GM’;s recall only covers 2005 to 2007 model year Cobalts.

The Alabama situation, meanwhile, alleges that GM sent technical support bulletins to dealers in the state warning that keys may possibly “stick” or “bind” in the ignition in Cobalts and other autos not covered under the recall.

“We won’;t comment on specific allegations,” GM spokesman Jim Kane told Autoblog, “but we’;re confident that we have recalled all of the autos that could have faulty ignition switches.”

Vice President of GM, Mark Reuss, echoed that sentiment in speaking at a roundtable last week, according to Automotive Information. “Where the switch was utilized in production, we have carried out a very correct and comprehensive read across,” Reuss mentioned.

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