Lawmaker calls for investigation into auto insurance charges

WBFO’;s Chris Caya reports

A regional member of the state delegation is calling for an investigation into the practices of big car insurers. A current research exhibits some organizations hike their charges as much as $ 400 a year for drivers without  a university degree.

State Senator Timothy Kennedy is calling on the Department of Economic Companies to investigate following a New York Public Curiosity Study Group review showed some insurers target low-earnings drivers for increased rates.

Kennedy says all New Yorkers need to be handled relatively and equally.

“Your car insurance need to be based a single point: your driving record. Charging Western New Yorkers based on their earnings or their education amounts is not only unfair but it’;s downright wrong,” Kennedy mentioned Monday.

In accordance to the study issued last week by NYPIRG , in setting rates, 3 of the 4 largest insurers consider schooling and 2 out of the 4 contemplate occupation.

Kennedy, a Buffalo Democrat, says he programs to work with the DFS and other state leaders to place an end to the practice as soon as and for all.

“If we have to put forward legislation to correct this inequality, we’;ll do so. But we’;re hoping that by shedding light on this inequality, the Department of Economic Solutions will get swift action and put forward rules that will generate a fair and balanced taking part in discipline all across the state,” Kennedy explained.

Irrespective of degree or task title, drivers in New York spend between the highest automobile insurance premiums in the nation.

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