Large Brother in my auto saves me income – but it comes at cost of motoring freedom

By Toby Walne, Financial Mail On Sunday


Possessing a ‘Big Brother’ large-tech satellite device as a passenger in your auto can slash insurance coverage premiums – but it comes at a expense.

The telematics black box is valuable for youthful motorists desperate to reduce sky-large insurance so they can afford to drive. Yearly premiums can be diminished by twenty per cent.

But the cost savings come at the price of motoring freedom. Not only should you take much more care with how you drive – which of course is no poor thing – but you need to stick to challenging limits set by your insurer that can then charge you for errors behind the wheel even if not your fault.

Saving: For Sean Halpin a spy in the car brings rewards

Conserving: For Sean Halpin a spy in the auto brings rewards

Sean Halpin, 22, from Claughton, Lancashire, believes the restrictions are really worth the income that can be saved. He pays £600 a year for comprehensive cover with Insure The Box. Thankfully he has enjoyed 3 years of difficulty-totally free motoring behind the wheel of his Peugeot 206.

He says: ‘My buddies cannot stand the idea and some spend additional not to have Large Brother looking above their shoulder. But after at first currently being concerned I quickly got used  to it. It forces me to be a greater driver by always sticking to pace limits.’

Sean’s black box is about the dimension of a pack of taking part in cards and is fixed below the dashboard. It costs as considerably as £200 to fit and £120 to get out. But some insurers, like Insure The Box, do not charge.

As several as  15 per cent of motor insurance policies now offered have a discounted black box selection, in accordance to the comparison internet site MoneySupermarket.

But so far fewer than a million British motorists out of 35 million have opted to have a black box fitted to decrease premiums.

A important explanation is motorists do not like becoming monitored how they drive – and favor to pay for freedom.
Ian Crowder, spokesman at motoring organisation the AA, which offers black box insurance coverage, says: ‘It is not for everyone and certainly not if you truly feel the idea is constraining. But for younger motorists commencing out it may possibly be the only way to get insurance coverage – and if you maintain a clean slate you will get a no-claims bonus that can minimize annual premiums by a third.’

Crowder believes that even if you do present indicators of aggressive driving, this kind of as occasionally going over the velocity restrict, you need to only get a gentle electronic mail reminder from your insurer rather than having your insurance withdrawn.

He adds: ‘You have to have a significant incident for us to withdraw insurance, this kind of as exceeding 100mph in a 50mph location far more than when.’

Some insurers may charge a penalty for breaching stipulations in little- print, such as curfew hours, yearly mileage or velocity limits.

More than a dozen businesses now supply black box cover, like Insure The Box, Wise Miles, Sheilas’ Wheels, Bell, Smart Driving, Carrot Insurance coverage, Autosaint, Brightbox, My Policy and the AA.

Across all age groups, and not just younger drivers, typical cost savings for motorists who opt for a black box are £212.

Clare Francis, editor-in-chief at MoneySupermarket, says: ‘Lower premiums are not guaranteed as it depends on how you drive. The quantity of miles you can drive a yr is typically capped at between 5,000 and 6,000, even though the time you can drive can also be restricted. Statistics present most accidents for youthful drivers occur late at night.’

Insure The Box spokesman Mark Baylis says: ‘We have no little-print hidden expenses. When it comes to renewals these are based mostly on how nicely you have driven throughout the yr. Most premiums fall.’

Black boxes: The 6 key questions


An in-vehicle telematics technique – a gadget fitted just beneath the dashboard or steering wheel. It uses GPS and movement sensors to detect difficult acceleration, braking, turning and velocity limit violations. It also tracks where you are and the distance that you travel.

IS Big BROTHER Viewing ME?

He most surely is. Not only does he review your routines behind the wheel, he can even place you under curfew for the duration of ‘high-risk’ late night or early morning hrs, plus penalise you if you drive more than agreed. But insurers are underneath no obligation to pass on any evidence of motoring offences to the police.

WHAT IS Anticipated OF ME?

You don’t have to drive about like a snail but boy racer tendencies will not be tolerated – you have to stick to the law. Speak to the Institute of Sophisticated Motoring and contemplate a course to be a far better driver.


No. The box is sealed and tamper-proof. If you play around with it you could harm the car and the insurance will turn out to be invalid. If someone else drives the automobile their habits are read as yours.

CAN IT Conserve ME Income?

Yes. Even undesirable motorists can advantage if the cost savings curb aggressive habits.

CAN IT Expense ME Income?

Tes, if you drive badly or are unlucky. Get concerned in an incident – even if not your fault – and the insurer could be on your situation inside of minutes, and your premium will rise at renewal. Breaking curfews and speeding can expense £100.

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