Land Rover organizing even more luxurious, customized Variety Rovers

Range Rover L Autobiography Black

It employed to be that if you wished a luxury SUV, there was only one identify that you required to know, and that was Selection Rover. These days, of course, the market place is flush with luxed-out sport-utes and crossovers, but don’;t feel that Land Rover is about to get it all lying down. No, Jaguar Land Rover is completely intent on making the most luxurious SUVs on the market.

In excess of the past several years, the Assortment Rover sub-brand has gone from one model to 3, and the top of the line is the Variety Rover L Autobiography Black pictured over. With a stretched wheelbase and 1st-class cabin room, the sort-of-the-hill will set you back a princely $ 185,000. But Land Rover reportedly has much more in keep.

According to LR designer Gerry McGovern in speaking to our subcontinental compatriots at Indian Autos Blog, Land Rover is arranging on marketing individual customization to its most wealthy consumers. The Land Rover Person Merchandise Division is poised to comply with the lead set by that other British luxury automaker represented by the initials RR in allowing those with the indicates to customize each and every factor of their car.

The overwhelming majority of Rolls-Royce consumers reportedly opt for some level of personalization, and Land Rover looks intent on cashing in on that marketplace as nicely. Regardless of whether sister-brand Jaguar follows suit will most likely depend on how its off-street compatriot fares in this division.

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