Lamborghini driver can’t shoot the gap in London

It may be hard to see a nearly $ 500,000 car wrecked due to the fact of hot-shot driving on narrow streets, but a new video of a Lamborghini Aventador crash in a single of London’;s poshest zip codes above the weekend has to be observed to be believed.

The accident occurred Sunday and left Sloane Street in London’;s ritzy Chelsea district littered with equally ritzy matte black entire body elements. A fan of the supercar enthusiast Shmee150 submitted footage of the devastating wreck to his YouTube channel, and Shmee kindly turned around and presented it to Autoblog. In the video, the Lamborghini’;s tires momentarily lift off the pavement as the driver fails in an try to squeeze in-between what seems to be a turning Mazda Demio and parked vehicles including a Nissan Qashqai and a BMW 3 Series.

This enigmatic matte black Lamborghini has popped up on YouTube in the past, shooting flames from its exhaust and creating a ruckus on London streets, The Telegraph reviews. No a single was arrested at the crash and there are no fees pending at this time. Hopefully, even with out legal ramifications, this driver has realized the lesson each morning commuter on London’;s Tube understands thoughts the gap.

View the unfortunate action in the video below.

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