Lady allegedly stabs husband for ‘worshipping NASCAR race at Bristol’: Marijuana could have, er, played position in incident

Marijuana may have, er, played function in incident

By: Autoweek Employees on March 18, 2014

A wife of a NASCAR fan took things a little too far in Tennessee on Sunday when she stabbed her husband because he was a little too into the race at Bristol.

A wife of a NASCAR fan took items a tiny too far in Tennessee on Sunday when she stabbed her husband because he was a little also into the race at Bristol.

In accordance to in Tennessee, a lady on March 16 allegedly stabbed her husband due to the fact he was “worshipping the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Bristol,” according to a police information release.

Steven Hamman allegedly informed authorities that his wife, Stephanie, drove her auto by way of a church’;s front doors, then referred to as him — the 2 apparently lived across the street from the church. When he arrived to check out on her, he explained, she proclaimed, “The devil is in me” and stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife.

According to the release, the husband eliminated the knife and walked house, and named police and EMS to the scene.

Also in accordance to the release, “Stephanie Hamman mentioned she had decided to reside for God, and that God advised her she need to not smoke marijuana all day and night. God mentioned that she only essential to smoke pot to unwind at night.”

Police soon located her at a nearby medical center, in which she was arrested she was charged later with attempted 1st-degree murder and felony vandalism. She apparently asked at a single point “if her husband was dead and said she smokes a lot of weed.”

“I love to smoke it,” the release quotes her as saying. “Sometimes when I do, I start off seeing items that others never. Is not God excellent? He informed me this would happen, and just seem, I am Ok.”

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