Kamui Kobayashi canes the Caterham 620 R: F1 driver will take the superheated Seven close to Silverstone

F1 driver requires the superheated 7 all around Silverstone

Right after investing a 12 months in the FIA World Endurance Championship, Japanese driver Kamui Kobayashi has returned to Formula One particular, nabbing a seat with Caterham. And while Sebastian Vettel is stuck hawking SUVs for Infiniti, component of Kobayashi’;s duties contain flogging the manufacturer’;s latest evolution of Colin Chapman’;s bare-bodkin brainchild, the 6 620R at Silverstone.

We anxiously await the inevitable follow-up video where Kobayashi will take the legally-a-keicar 7 160 for a blat in Tokyo traffic.

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