Jeep going bigger with new Grand Wagoneer, smaller with sub-Renegade?

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk

The headlines are nonetheless rolling in for the new Renegade that Jeep unveiled at the Geneva Motor Demonstrate final week, but presently reviews are surfacing, citing sources within the organization, about what Chrysler’;s iconic off-road brand will do following.

Speaking with Car Express (whose reports we tend to get with a grain of salt or 2), Jeep chief Mike Manley recommended that 2 programs of action are presently underneath consideration at Auburn Hills to produce 2 extremely diverse new models – a single smaller sized and one particular greater than anything at all Jeep at present helps make.

A single program would be to make an SUV or crossover even smaller than the new Renegade, though it isn’;t quickly clear what platform it would consider. The Renegade (pictured above in Trailhawk spec) will be created in Italy alongside Fiat’;s upcoming 500X, but utilizes a heavily modified platform. We figure the smaller sized model, if authorized, could base itself on the new Fiat Panda Cross.

One way or an additional, the purported sub-Renegade would get a back seat to the new Grand Wagoneer, whose advancement is presently beneath way. The new Wagoneer, lengthy rumored to be in the cards, is to slot in (size-wise) over the Grand Cherokee to give Jeep a big 7-seater SUV. Now, about that wood siding….

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