Jay Leno will get behind the curtain on the layout of the Toyota FT-one concept

Jay Leno with the Toyota FT-1

Hinting at the future of Toyota functionality automobiles, the FT-1 notion was 1 of the stars of the Detroit Auto Display this yr. It even nabbed 4th location in our Editors’; Choice checklist. Although he is a handful of months behind the car’;s official reveal, Jay Leno managed to get the only current notion of the sports activities coupe wheeled into his garage to take a closer look, and he is fairly impressed.

Leno speaks with Alex Shen and William Chergosky, the exterior and interior chief designers of the FT-1 respectively, to get a far better thought of the inspirations behind the idea. Jay heaps high praise on it for mixing Italian and Japanese style and says he likes the appear even much more than the Lexus LFA. The coupe isn’;t a product of both nation, however. It was penned at Toyota’;s CALTY Design Research center in Newport Beach, CA.

The designers go into the whole background of the FT-1, and Shen even admits that Toyota design and style lacks an emotional factor at the moment. It really is a fascinating interview behind some of the little touches you may possibly miss at 1st glance. Unfortunately, the model does not have the green light for manufacturing yet and might by no means get manufactured. In any situation, scroll down to watch Leno swoon over the coupe.

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