Is the Chevy Camaro Z/28 a Godzilla Slayer at the track?

Chevy Camaro Z/28 versus Nissan GT-R

Godzilla. It is a title that strikes dread in the minds and hearts of giant monsters (Mothra!) globally, not to mention a variety of automobile manufacturers that create large-efficiency coupes… which includes Chevrolet. The Bowtie-cladded organization has one rather obvious model that lines up squarely in the sights of the Nissan GT-R, that being the Corvette.

Interestingly, though, Chevy’;s halo coupe isn’;t the car the boys from Motor Trend made a decision to match up at Barber Motorsports Park towards the Japanese Godzilla, opting instead for the brand-new Camaro Z/28. A glance at the spec sheet of the Z/28 clears up any consternation regarding MT’;s choice – far more horsepower for the Nissan, much more torque for the Chevy and approximately the same fat signifies they are on fairly equal ground when it comes to what is beneath the hood.

The rest of the spec sheet seems to be to tilt the argument in the GT-R’;s favor (specially taking into consideration that MT’;s test automobile is a Track Edition model), as it boasts all-wheel-drive traction, a fast-shifting 6-velocity dual-clutch transmission and a cost tag that’;s about $ 40,000 greater than that of the Z/28. Oh, and will not fail to remember the GT-R’;s legendary computer-managed reflexes. Does any of that matter with a specialist race vehicle driver like Randy Pobst behind the wheel? Scroll down and observe the video to find out.

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