Is the BMW three Series Wagon the Greatest Car for Dads?


There is a common refrain amongst automotive writers as well as lovers I run into who also — like me — happen to be fathers. They love station wagons. I am not speaking dads who keep in mind Woodstock, but people who can recall when Lollapalooza toured the nation and do not mind the anti-SUV entire body type.

Far more Loved ones Automobile Information

For that group I existing the 2014 BMW 328d xDrive Sports activities Wagon. I spent an whole day off with the little ones in this white beauty, which not only had the wagon part down, but also all-wheel drive and a turbocharged diesel engine with 280 lbs-feet of torque.

Could it dwell up to my high expectations plus supply the loved ones-pleasant items?


Even Little ones Are Type Obsessed

In terms of appears and luxury the 328d blew me away, and even my little ones reacted to it like no other auto I’;ve ever brought home.

My 6-yr-previous son and practically 5-yr-previous daughter are utilized to obtaining in some pretty posh cars. But they hadn’;t noticed a red leather interior till now I guess, since Carter shouted “Wow! This is the coolest automobile I’;ve ever seen!” only following the door was open. Why did this shade combination please him so a lot? “Red is my favored shade.”


And even though that could be adequate to please a 6-12 months outdated, the 328d actually has a luxury interior that holds up to scrutiny. Not only did I dig the leather seats as effectively, but the little touches of red on the dash and doors gave this test auto a dash of extra class and amazing.


Important Child Features

I don’;t care if you’;re driving a $ 50,000 German station wagon or $ twenty,000 economic climate automobile, there are some things each and every automobile ought to offer if you have children.

One of the items that has established the handiest for me as my kids age is the all-important cupholder. If there isn’;t a center armrest with 2 cupholders for them to share there much better be 1 in the door so I can at least put their drinks someplace where they will not roll close to and spill. The 328d had a center armrest with cupholders, but my daughter’;s vehicle seat blocked it from currently being employed. Admittedly her Britax is rather large.

The vehicle doors also do not function cutouts for drinks. The BMW failed once more.


Little one Security Seats

Where the BMW scored was ease of putting in individuals car seats in the first place. BMW has developed-in receptacles for Latch entry that have minor covers that pop off easily. I want each automaker did this. The wagon also allowed for effortless reaches to the tether anchors on the back.



Our day of errands and some fun incorporated a trip to swim lessons at the nearby YMCA. That meant a big bag of towels and a change of clothing for the youngsters. Not a ton of things, but the sum of additional luggage you’;d stash in a trunk … or hatch if you happen to be a wagon proprietor.

Hit the important fob and the trunk opens on its personal, and a rapid toss and which is all you want to do. There is no heaving since the 328d’;s cargo floor is so shut to the ground. This is in which I often feel wagons have an advantage above SUVs. You get the same sum of cargo location without having the severe accessibility h7 This is also a wagon attribute that will appeal to dog owners.


Does Dad Care How It Drives?

Our full evaluation of the 328d will dive deeper into the car’;s efficiency, but I was a bit amazed the diesel version wasn’;t quicker in regular driving mode. Positive, pop it into Sport mode and it scooted just fine, but in lazy-errand-operating mode it was forgettable. I also did not like the response from the transmission when upshifting in the course of hard acceleration … although that occurred with out the little ones in the auto.



Following working all more than town from the car wash to swim lessons to lunch to the park, I just wasn’;t won more than … and I wished to be. The new Nissan Rogue I piloted the weekend prior to did the household-shuttling task just as well as this white elegance and value practically $ 20,000 less. The price of the BMW was even much more important when you think about it didn’;t have keyless entry, which infuriated me, nor did it have what I contemplate a kid important: a backup camera or parking sensors.

It is a deflating expertise when a station wagon can’;t totally win me more than. I come to feel like I’;m letting all individuals other dads down. I guess I will have to preserve seeking for the up coming wagon par excellence.

Autos.com images by David Thomas

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