Insurance Policies Row: Government cancels fines imposed on some auto owners with &#39non-present …

The government has canceled the fines that have been imposed on owners of autos who have in no way had insurance policies and haven’t been in actual possession of automobiles registered on their names in latest many years.

Individuals fines had turn into a real headache for many individuals who had really offered their vehicles, but did not have proper documentation of the procedure, a practice that existed in the previous when the name of the car’s proprietor was not transformed, but the new owner utilised the automobile with a letter of attorney from the owner.

Many automobile owners who sold their cars this way some 10 or 15 years ago have been fined recently for failing to get insurance coverage policies, anything that came as a surprise to them given that they truly did not have the vehicles in their possession. A new selection went into effect beginning January 1, 2014 below which insurance coverage policies have to be purchased for all automobiles regardless of whether they are in use or not.

Numerous citizens have obtained notifications of fines being imposed on them for failing to purchase insurance coverage policies for vehicles that did not even exist physically.

At its meeting on Thursday, the Armenian government made a decision that application of fines will be cancelled for owners of vehicles who never obtained insurance policies and did not commit visitors rule violations after January 1, 2011, and the Police will refrain from imposing new fines on them until finally December 31, 2014. The government did not specify what will happen after the talked about time period.

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan described it as a choice expected by several citizens.

Fines associated to visitors rule violations grew to become a matter of heated debate also in the Armenian Nationwide Assembly this week. Opposition and professional-government lawmakers even did not avoid exchanging insults in the course of discussions.

The 4 minority factions in the parliament, namely Heritage, Prosperous Armenia, the Armenian National Congress and Dashnaktsutyun, came up with an initiative on the establishment of an interim commission to research issues related to pace and surveillance cameras, paid parking and public transport fares.

Speaking from the parliament tribune, opposition lawmakers charged that large fines for targeted traffic rule violations and levying charges for street parking is a rip-off that largely positive aspects personal companies. They called it incorrect that personal companies need to get the bulk of the funds created via these penalties. Meanwhile, in accordance to opposition members, the cash could be employed by municipal authorities for the requirements of the city.

The opposition advised canceling the selections on pace cameras and paid parking and decreasing the sizes of fines for targeted traffic rule violations.

The 4 minority factions agreed for the vote on the establishment of a relevant commission to be postponed and held after hearings.

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