Inquire the DMV: Form tends to make it clear that insurance coverage is mandatory

Q: I just acquired my renewal form to register my pickup truck. Every single yr the type constantly requested that you checklist the insurance coverage company title, policy amount and efficient dates. This year’s kind does not request it. Why the change in format and how does DMV know that the vehicle has insurance coverage?

— John, Smithfield

A: Insurance coverage is even now necessary. The determination was made to remove the wording from the renewal kind given that the renewal application has the language that insurance is mandatory and signing it affirms that you are complying with the necessity. DMV is adding a line to the upper portion of the renewal application for the up coming mailing that insurance is necessary.

The Standard Assembly just lately enacted a law to increase the insurance verification approach of the DMV. This will improve compliance with the law, and will help the DMV defend drivers against those who proceed to drive without having insurance coverage. Starting July 1, 2014, the Uninsured Motorist Identification Database Program, which is authorized by Rhode Island Common Law (RIGL) §31-47.4, will confirm compliance with motor automobile owner’s or operator’s security needs and will assist in lowering the number of uninsured motor autos on the highways.

DMV will engage a firm that will match the data of autos registered against a database of autos that are insured, thereby providing the DMV the capacity to take enforcement action on individuals driving without insurance coverage. The DMV will give the contractor with the identify, date of birth, tackle, and driver license, if accessible, of all men and women with lively registrations. The DMV shall also provide the 12 months, make and car identification amount for all active registrations. Each and every insurance coverage business that troubles a policy that contains motor automobile liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, or private damage coverage need to offer the contractor a record of each motor car insurance policy in result for cars registered or garaged in Rhode Island every month.

Transferring registration

Q: I reside in R.I. and want to transfer my current R.I. registration to a car I obtained from a Florida proprietor. I have the Certificate of Title from the State of Florida. I want to know the method concerned to do the transfer. The Florida automobile has no inspection sticker. How do I start?

— Joe

A: To register the motor vehicle in Rhode Island you will require to deliver the Florida title along with the bill of sale and your present R.I. driver’s license and registration to the DMV. You must also present evidence of R.I. insurance. Comprehensive the TR-one registration type (such as gross car weight) and product sales tax form at the DMV or download the form from the DMV internet site. If the car is year 2001 or newer, it should have a VIN examine prior to registration. This method can be carried out at your local police department or you can bring the auto to the VIN station found on Phenix Avenue in Cranston. The vehicle will require to pass R.I. security and emissions testing within 5 days of registration.

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