Hyundai teases new Sonata before New York: Volume sedan reins in wild styling

Volume sedan reins in wild styling

Hyundai previewed the next Sonata in a teaser photo on Wednesday. It appears like the designers, maybe possessing gone a small too far with the last generation, toned this 1 down.

We’;re a bit sad about that. The last generation was such a wild departure for the brand — a motor vehicle that may have tipped the scales for the auto-purchasing public. We think this seems to be a little bit as well considerably like the fifth generation, which really did not stand out as far as its styling.

The Korean automaker also showed a sketch of the interior of the new auto. That as well seems like a bit of a throwback, with medium/dark wood surrounding the front seats.

We genuinely liked the last car, due to the fact it knew exactly what it was trying to be and knew its precise place in the marketplace. Aside from the stellar sheetmetal, the interior brought tons of black and chrome, and brushed aluminum for a very modern appear. Compared to that, this new wood grain seems like a return to old-man status.

We’;ll get a far better look later on this month when the new Sonata debuts in Korea, and all the specifics are certain to follow its unveiling in New York in April.

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