How you can keep away from a car insurance disaster if your declare meets resistance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — If you get rear-ended in a vehicle accident, and the driver at fault even admits to police he’s to blame, you would consider you would have no issue collecting from that driver’s insurance coverage firm. But you would be wrong.

Professionals say insurance companies are more and more reluctant to pay out out on claims, even when there is no dispute above what happened.

A lot more and a lot more complaints about this are rolling into the Difficulty Solver Hotline. The most typical excuse that individuals are given by the insurance coverage company is that they can not shell out the claim because the driver at fault wouldn’t return their phone calls.

Gloria Yates’ son’s vehicle was damaged so severely that the 1998 Buick Century was totaled. The driver of the automobile that hit her son’s vehicle was insured by way of Progressive. Yates had a police report, but when she tried to file a declare, she was amazed by what she stated she was advised.

“I was advised by Progressive that if they couldn’t get in touch with the driver, or if they did not cooperate, they did not have to spend the declare,” she explained. “I was shocked and I was like, ‘Where is that written?’”

Yates was angry, particularly because she is also a Progressive policy holder, but she only had liability coverage on her son’s auto. After 2 weeks passed and Progressive still couldn’t attain the other driver, Yates referred to as FOX 4 Dilemma Solvers and we known as lawyer Scott Shachtman. He said he couldn’t locate any language in Progressive’s insurance coverage policy that needed them to communicate to the other driver just before having to pay a claim.

“Even even though they both had the very same insurance firm, they had been nevertheless offering Ms. Yates the runaround,” he stated.

Regrettably this is not the very first time Dilemma Solvers has heard this variety of complaint. In fact, it’s so frequent that we identified yet another attorney’s web site where he warns customers that insurance businesses: “Will flat-out deny the declare if their insured does not get in touch with in the claim,” no matter what evidence you have that they brought on the accident.

So what do you do if it occurs to you? Although you are even now at the scene of the accident, insist that the other driver phone their insurance company and report it. In reality, dial the quantity for them. Or you can also try out filing a complaint with the State Division of Insurance if their insurance will not shell out, or you can employ an lawyer.

In this instance Shactman donated his services and sent Progressive a copy of the police report and a letter encouraging them to pay Ms. Yates. A week later she obtained a check for $ 2,800, even although Progressive nevertheless has nevertheless to reach the guy who hit her son’s auto.

“Had Scott not known as, I really do not consider I would have gotten something,” Yates mentioned.

A spokesman for Progressive advised FOX 4 that despite what Ms. Yates mentioned she was informed by a Progressive worker, it had always planned to pay out her declare, regardless of regardless of whether it was capable to attain the other driver. Progressive mentioned its investigation of the declare took longer than it had at first considered.

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