Honesty is the greatest policy so be upfront with insurers

Maintaining mum about your penalty points and really like of the fags or drink could conserve you hundreds of euro a yr in insurance coverage – even thousands.

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Nonetheless, ought to you have to make a declare, notably a significant one particular, you could be faced with a bill operating into hundreds of thousands of euro – because many insurers will refuse to pay out if you have not been upfront with them.

So what are we most most likely to lie to our insurer about – and what could take place if you happen to be caught out?

Penalty points

One of the greatest fibs folks inform when they are purchasing car insurance is that they do not have any penalty factors.

The motives are clear. If you have 4 penalty points, you could pay out among 20 and 25 per cent more for your insurance coverage than someone who has none, according to Conor Faughnan, director of client affairs with AA Ireland.

“If you have 6 or more factors, you may possibly find by yourself unable to get cover from the bigger retailers,” says Faughnan. “Insurers do check out penalty factors – even if they will not do so at stage of sale. They definitely check in the event of a claim.”

If you happen to be not trus2rthy about your penalty points, your insurer could refuse to pay out out for the value of harm if you are in an accident. It could also cancel your policy. “Even if your insurer is on the hook for third-party injury, for damage to one more automobile, they might chase you for the money afterwards,” says Faughnan.

Some insurers have launched large excesses (the very first part of a declare you must shell out your self) for drivers who lie about their penalty factors. For illustration, Aviva has an excess of €2,500 for this kind of drivers.

Fond of the drink

If you think about by yourself an typical drinker, but eat a bottle of wine a night, possibilities are your daily life insurer will not agree.

Insurers will typically think about you a hefty drinker if you are a man who has much more than 3 to 4 standard drinks a day, or a girl who has a lot more than 2 or 3 tipples a day. If you’;re a heavy drinker or have a background of alcohol abuse or dependence, this will push up the cost of your lifestyle assurance. Even so, if you don’;t disclose a harmful consuming pattern to your insurer at the outset, it could refuse to honour a declare.

“Given that in excess of half of all Irish drinkers have a hazardous pattern of consuming, the real consumption of alcohol stated on proposal kinds [which you fill out when applying for insurance] for daily life cover seems to be extraordinarily lower,” says John Geraghty of on-line brokers LABrokers.ie. “In a large proportion of instances, people seem to underestimate their common.”

If you have a historical past of alcohol dependence, you could pay out up to 3 instances a lot more for existence cover – if you can get it.

If you are an alcoholic who is nonetheless drinking, you’;ll struggle to get lifestyle cover. If you are a recovered alcoholic, you need to be ready to get cover – but you will usually have to wait a yr or 2 ahead of the cover kicks in. “Insurers will increase the premiums of recovered alcoholics by among 50 and 300 per cent, based on how extended the man or woman has abstained from alcohol for,” says Geraghty.

If your alcohol addiction has triggered health care situations, you could pay out even more for your insurance coverage – or you may possibly not be capable to get cover.

False nation tackle

Faced with car insurance premiums running into the thousands, young drivers usually attempt to carry down the cost of their cover by saying they live in the nation – when they will not, in accordance to Faughnan.

The cheapest counties for car insurance are Roscommon, Kerry, Waterford and Wexford, says the AA, whilst Limerick, Donegal, Louth, Longford and Dublin are among the most high-priced. The average driver in Roscommon, for illustration, pays about 16 per cent significantly less than the common Dublin driver does, in accordance to the AA.

“Some individuals are tempted to use a parent’;s or other relative’;s Roscommon tackle for insurance purposes, when they really dwell in Dublin or elsewhere,” says Faughnan.

“However, the savings are generally tiny relative to the premium – and of program, there is the chance that a claim would not be paid. The few bob saved will be extremely pricey if you ever have to make a declare.”

Mother or father drivers

Yet another lie frequently told by youthful people (or their mothers and fathers) is that the parent is the primary driver on a car owned by a youngster.

“Dad and mom usually consider to conserve a handful of quid for their youngsters by insuring the kid’;s automobile in the parent’;s identify,” says Faughnan. “If the youngster is the registered owner of the vehicle, the mother or father has no insurable interest in the vehicle – so the insurer will not shell out out in the event of a claim.

“Insurers are taking a actually challenging line on this. They are investigating any cases that seem suspicious and requesting evidence that the car is in fact the parent’;s and that the mother or father is the primary driver of the vehicle. If they are not content, they can cancel the policy.”


If you or your partner suffers from depression, you need to tell your insurer before you take out existence cover. Although not absolutely everyone who suffers from depression takes their own daily life, the illness is 1 of the major triggers of suicide. Existence insurance coverage policies will normally cover suicide – even though there is normally a waiting period of a yr ahead of the cover kicks in. If your partner suffers from depression and commits suicide, if the sickness wasn’;t disclosed when the daily life cover was 1st taken out, and your insurer later on finds out about it, your insurance will most very likely be null and void.

If this takes place, you won’;t be entitled to any lump sum to cover the economic wants of you and your family, like any home loan which has to be repaid.

If you or your spouse suffers from significant depression, not only are you most likely to shell out more for life insurance coverage, you could discover it hard to get cover.

“If you endure from depression, the insurer will usually enhance your premium by among 50 and 150 per cent, depending on the severity,” says Geraghty. “If you have received a history of serious depression, you might not be in a position to get lifestyle cover.

“If you have attempted suicide, an insurer won’;t normally contemplate covering you for at least 2 many years soon after the try – and after that, there will be a reasonable extra charge for at least 4 many years, and possibly an extra long lasting charge, dependent on the underlying cause.”

Social smoker

Just since you only light up on a evening out does not imply your insurer will not consider you a smoker.

“Insurers don’;t differentiate in between someone who lights a cigarette to celebrate the New Year – and an individual who in no way smokes,” says Geraghty. “A individual who smokes just one cigarette a year is regarded as a smoker and should disclose the fact that they are a smoker.”

Smokers pay out far more for existence cover because they have a increased threat of dying from smoking-associated illnesses than non-smokers do. If you’;re a 35-12 months-old moderate smoker for illustration, you could pay about 70 per cent more for lifestyle cover than a non-smoker will.

If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, you could shell out virtually 3 occasions a lot more than a non-smoker.

Enjoy handles

When applying for lifestyle cover, you need to tell your insurer your height and w7

Never lie about your bodyw7 If you are critically obese, and you have not been upfront about that, your insurer is unlikely to spend out should you have to make a claim.

“Underestimation of bodyweight is a widespread fallacy,” says Geraghty. “Writing a reduce fat on the application is misleading simply because it usually tends to make you appear more healthy than you really are. These who are underweight or obese might be charged a lot more for cover. Individuals who are morbidly obese might be declined cover.”

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