Honda aims to standardize fast-fill hydrogen fueling protocol

Honda has created a hydrogen refueling station on its campus near Los Angeles with the aim of standardizing a hydrogen fueling protocol, the automaker explained earlier this week.

The station is offered to other automakers to assist validate its efficiency and functionality.

Since the 2002 introduction of the FCX, its first-generation fuel cell automobile, Honda has created advancements in fuel cell operation in each scorching and subfreezing temperatures.

Steve Mathison, senior engineer at Honda R&D Americas, stated the new protocol, recognized as MC Fill, is created for fuel systems that store hydrogen at a stress of 700-bar.

The vast majority of automakers retailer hydrogen at 700-bar, 10,000 psi, Mathison mentioned.

“The new protocol lowers 700-bar fueling occasions by up to 45 percent versus comparable fueling protocols and can comprehensive most fills in much less than 3 minutes underneath regular temperature problems,” he explained.

A lot more exactly, it “monitors the dispenser outlet temperature and makes use of this info to calculate the shortest fueling time feasible,” he stated.

Honda introduced its existing fuel cell electrical car, the FCX Clarity, in 2008 and is preparing for the 2015 introduction of its following-generation fuel cell vehicle.

Automakers have collaborated on openings of public hydrogen stations, such as a Shell station in Torrance, Calif., in 2011, which serves recent FCEV buyers and provides the present fueling protocol.

Honda has delivered fuel cell automobiles to individual retail shoppers in the United States and collected worthwhile information on fuel cell electrical automobiles and hydrogen stations. Honda explained the MC Fill will not be accessible to person customers until finally the protocol is recognized as an industrywide normal by the SAE.

“The new technology will serve the up coming generation of fuel cell electrical automobiles, which are not on the street yet,” Mathison said.

Honda unveiled the 5-passenger FCEV Idea at the Los Angeles Car Present in November and expects to launch the new car in the United States and Japan in 2015. It is anticipated that it will have a driving selection of a lot more than 300 miles.

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