Here is the backstory on Gordon’s Pepsi prank from Okulski himself

Travis Okulski/Jeff Gordon prank video

Final week, we all watched with enjoyment as Jalopnik editor Travis Okulski got epically pranked by a mustachioed Jeff Gordon. As we explained then, Gordon starred in a memorable “viral” ad for Pepsi, which saw the NASCAR champion disguise himself and take a auto salesman on a wild check drive. It was all named out as bull, and Okulski was one of the most vocal critics.

As payback, Gordon and Pepsi teamed up to get the unwitting editor back, for a second Check Drive industrial. This time, Gordon played a cab driver, whilst Okulski sat in back on his phone. It was all downhill from there.

The video has been a bit of a hit on YouTube, racking up virtually 14 million views since it debuted on February 27. Now, Okulski is sitting down with Mike Spinelli from Drive to make clear completely every thing that took place ahead of, throughout and following the commercial.

Have a seem under for the 2 the unique business and the interview on Drive.

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