GM’s Cowardly Method

Is GM, one particular of America’s largest and most treasured businesses, shedding its swagger?   Mary Barra, its new CEO, decided to release an worker video to the press on the recall concern, rather than encounter the media head-on…or chance a town meeting with customers, their families and the American public to which the press have been invited.

In this transparent world, is not what she did cowardly?  What is she waiting for?  The logical conclusion in this circumstance is that she has some thing to hide.  Not a fantastic role model.  It is especially hazardous for a huge company dependent on trust to danger destroying that believe in.

Her video, while unorthodox, had both excellent and negative in it. She lastly admits that “terrible items happened” but does not specify what they are.  Why not be specific about the tragedy of the deaths.  One particular would believe that, as a much more than 30-yr employee, she could have extra even more standpoint to her assertion that “something went incorrect with our method in this instance.”  Shouldn’t she have a clue about what the “something” was?  Was it arrogance? Concern? Complacency?  She did reiterate the relevance of putting buyers first, but doesn’t clarify why, more than the years, this ignition safety element did not merit swift attention – a clear client concern.

She also says, “We will be greater since of this tragic predicament, if we seize the opportunity.”  Personally, I feel it is extremely cold to characterize a predicament which resulted in deaths and injuries as an “opportunity,” even however I feel she indicates effectively.  It ought to be about GM’s duty, a moral obligation that was callously and consciously abrogated.

Total, I consider that her video fell short in detailing the methods GM is adopting to avoid a recurrence of the problems that led to this crisis.   Sending out letters and supplying a consumer service hotline alone just are not considerable ample to transform regret into a new way of undertaking enterprise.

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