GM reveals new, highly modular Ecotec engine family members: 3- and 4-cylinder units range from 1. to one.5 liters

3- and 4-cylinder units selection from one. to 1.5 liters

GM introduced its new modular household of Ecotec engines on Wednesday at its powertrain headquarters in Pontiac, Mich. The new, lowered-in-dimension 3- and 4-cylinder mills will change 3 of GM’;s recent engine families, eventually generating their way into 5 of the company’;s brands.

The Ecotec household will eventually spawn 11 engines in complete, ranging in displacement from 1. liter to one.5 liters. Some will be port-injected, others direct, some turbocharged, some naturally aspirated — and, of course, there will be an option for a hybrid system. We suppose which is modularity at its best. GM says commonality in between engines saves on engineering, manufacturing and supply proliferation across the board.

“Transportation remedies fluctuate close to the planet, and GM is committed to creating engines matched to the wants of the regions where they’;re sold,” explained Steve Kiefer, GM vice president of global powertrain engineering. “The new engine family members will make its way into 5 GM manufacturers and 27 versions by the 2017 model year.”

The first manufacturing application of the new Ecotec will be the one.-liter in the Opel Adam, and the one.4-liter turbo and one.5-liter naturally aspirated in the 2015 Chevy Cruze for China. That is all GM told us about applications, but we could simply see the 4s in our Chevy Cruze, and the 3 could go in the Sonic or Spark, specially when Ford drops its new 3-cylinder into the Fiesta.

GM says that, by 2017, it will develop about 2.5 million of the new engines annually, spread out at 5 plants (Michigan, China, Hungary, Mexico and South Korea). The Flint, Mich., facility will get an investment of $ 200 million alone. Each and every plant will make Ecotec versions for its own market, even though the 3 main variants share a significant quantity of elements.

Output in the primary trifecta will assortment from 75 hp to 165 hp and 70 lb-ft to 184 lb-ft of torque. We expect the decrease-output motors will keep in the previous country — even efficiency-minded Americans seem to be to require at least a round 100. The organization says autos outfitted with the new Ecotecs will be enjoyable to drive, adding that the 1.4-liter turbo will make 90 % of max torque from one,500-5,000 rpm. Transmissions will run the gamut from manual to automated to dual clutch and constant.

The new engines will also be far more efficient than today’;s line, though GM wouldn’;t specify how much for each. The automaker did mention that its 3-banger will be far more effective than Ford’;s comparable motor. It also played us engine noise from its one.4-liter — and VW’;s one.4-liter — to demonstrate off the additional refinement. The Ecotec was quieter than the VW at idle and at velocity GM says it did this with a stiffened block, 2-piece oil pan and minimal-friction cam chains, amid other items.

The engines are at present testing all across the globe. We saw, for instance, a clip of 1 of the motors on a tilt rig, which can simulate one.2-g turns by leaning the engine side to side. GM also bench-exams them at broad-open throttle, 24 hours per day, 6 days a week, for 4 weeks.

GM ended the event by noting that the new engine family will run on normal unleaded gas, even the turbocharged ones.

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