GM Faces Criminal Probe Over Ignition-Switch Recall


GM’;s ignition-switch recall has landed the greatest U.S. automaker in the sight of federal investigators. USA Today reports the U.S. attorney’;s office in New York has launched a criminal probe into the recall, which is now accountable for 31 crashes and 13 deaths since of airbags that fail to deploy when the ignition switch is jarred into the Off or Accessory positions top up to a crash. GM has recalled 1.37 million vehicles in the U.S. — a slew of mid-2000s compact automobiles, which you can click under to see — but court documents from 2013 showed the automaker knew about the issue as early as 2004.

Far more on the GM Ignition-Switch Recall

The National Highway Traffic Security Administration and a congressional committee have currently opened separate probes. Our buddies at USA Nowadays have the entire story, which you can read right here.

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