GM Clams Up Soon after Stopping Shipments Of Chevy Cruze

Standard Motors’; Standard Motors’; move to end shipments of the most well-liked version of its Chevrolet Cruze could be a concession to the new “transparency” regime of CEO Mary Barra, which she quickly has established to staunch the harm from the company’s huge and messy ignition-switch recall of decade-previous cars.

But raising fears about the safety of GM’s greatest-selling vehicle of these days may possibly develop a lot of close to-phrase discomfort for the firm and its dealers with no guarantee of the meant lengthy-term gain.

On Tuesday, with the industry’s month-to-month sales reports, will come the first snapshot of how the American automobile-getting public is reacting to the awful news of how GM mishandled the ignition-switch problem for several years. And there have been some indicators that client concern — and disgust — with the entire fiasco is retarding showroom visitors for GM manufacturers.

2014 Chevrolet Cruze LTZNow the information that GM may be concerned about a defect in its most popular sedan could produce an extra chilling result.

A great deal of mystery surrounded GM’s sudden move late this week to yank from its supply chain 2013 and 2014 Cruze compacts with one.4-liter engines. GM wouldn’t say why it issued the order, USA Today reported. There was no official statement on GM’s information-media net web site.

The order late Thursday covered a model that accounts for about 60 percent of Cruze product sales and about one-third of dealers’ Cruze inventories.

Cruze accounted for about 14 percent of all Chevrolet motor vehicle product sales in the 1st 2 months of this yr, as its greatest-promoting car soon after the Silverado pickup truck. Cruze was GM’s prime-promoting auto last 12 months, as nicely, with product sales of 248,000 units in 2013. The car also comes with a one.8-liter naturally aspirated engine and a 2-liter turbodiesel.

The move left dealers scrambling on Friday to uncover out a lot more particulars from GM, so they could solution questions from Cruze customers who cannot get their cars instantly, USA Today reported.

“I have no information,” GM spokesman Alan Adler told the newspaper. “I’m positive someone knows” why the buy was issued, but neither he nor other GM spokesmen would offer even more info.

This kind of a “stop” purchase is a decisive way to avoid security-defective autos from acquiring into customers’ hands and forcing a recall later to correct them. So that’s apparently a good thing that GM could or could not have done just before the ignition-switch recall.

Dealers say this kind of halts are schedule and almost often connected to a safety problem, USA Right now explained. Dealers can continue to promote vehicles, but can not hand them more than to purchasers until the situation that triggered the halt is fixed.

The move also could be constant with Barra’s promise that GM will take care of each and every potential safety concern now in a various way. It could represent an example of the stepped-up vigilance that Barra has put in. Possibly 1 month in the past such a end buy never would have been executed.

The issue with the way the stop purchase has been dealt with so far is that it has been accomplished opaquely rather than transparently. As a result it doesn’t fit the new narrative of openness and honesty that Barra has been attempting to generate.

There might be extremely sensible causes, including legal ones, that GM didn’t publicly announce the end buy or wasn’t quickly a lot more forthcoming about its nature.

And it could be that the quit order on product sales of the 1.4-liter Cruze turns out to have practically nothing to do with security. Or it could turn out to be some thing very small — something that wouldn’t even draw information-media interest in an earlier era.

But this is a new era. And that calls for a new lens on the situation for GM, even in this matter. Barra may not feel its managing of this concern could have an effect on her diligent attempts to enforce a new culture of safety-consciousness and openness at the organization, but it likely will.

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