GM AGL-four requires Chevy Corvair drivetrain to new amounts

The GM AGL-4 undergoing testing in the sixties

Suspended in dark, grainy newsreel footage like the Florida Skunk Ape or a Kraken, we know this creature really existed even if no 1 appears to know in which it is now. Developed by the Common Motors Defense Study Laboratory in Santa Barbara, California as a Chevrolet Corvair-powered proof-of-notion for a military or agricultural employ, this is the Articulated Common Objective Logistical Truck, otherwise identified as the AGL-4 or “Agile.”

Stressing utility, economic system and mobility, underneath its cab is a Corvair engine sending power to a PowerGlide transmission and on to all 4 wheels by way of a driveshaft that can be decoupled. The capacity to split issues up implies that the 9-foot cargo bed can be swapped out for one more load unit or implement, the 2-wheeled cab moving from 1 to the other with the aid of a pair of fore and aft instruction wheels. Speaking of wheels, the front set don’;t flip on a steering rack, they are locked in place with the cab and rotate independently to modify path.

The 15-foot pickup on 44-inch tires was a critical piece of kit, rated for a one.25-ton payload, rocking 20 degrees of roll angle in between cab and bed and capable to sashay up a 60-% grade. It lived and died as a idea, even though, GM opting towards manufacturing. We would like to know in which it is or what occurred to it, so if you know, give us a clue in Remarks. You can watch it jiggle and strut in the video under.

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