Gas Charges Taper Off Following Steady Climb


Increases in gas and diesel fuel costs slowed in several components of the nation for the duration of the previous week, a welcome respite from a regular climb in pump prices that began in early February.

The national common for a gallon of normal unleaded fuel was $ 3.54, the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report stated Thursday. Which is one particular penny much more than a week in the past and eleven cents much more than a month in the past. The national typical for diesel fuel was $ 3.98, unchanged from a week ago and 1 cent significantly less than a month ago.

South Carolina nonetheless has the lowest statewide regular for normal unleaded at $ 3.26, 2 cents increased than a week in the past. The only other states that averaged much less than $ 3.30 have been Montana, $ 3.28, and Louisiana and Mississippi, $ 3.29.

Hawaii had the most costly fuel at $ 4.22. In California, rates crept up 2 cents over the previous week to $ 3.99. Prices have climbed by 20 cents in California in the final month Alaska was up coming at $ 3.83.

Regular unleaded was unchanged at $ 3.77 in New York and Connecticut, and it fell by 4 cents in Illinois to $ 3.73, reversing a string of weekly increases that started in February.

Costs marched upward by 4 cents per gallon in Tennessee to $ 3.32, in Oregon to $ 3.64, in Washington state to $ 3.65 and in the District of Columbia to $ 3.70.

AAA maintained its forecast that prices will peak in the coming weeks among $ 3.fifty 5 and $ 3.75 per gallon. That would be effectively beneath the peak rates of latest years. Last year, charges spiked at $ 3.79. In 2012 they topped out at $ 3.94 and in 2011 at $ 3.98.

“How significantly much more prices rise will very likely be dictated by the effect of seasonal refinery upkeep and any disruptions to manufacturing or distribution,” AAA stated in a release. Costs generally rise in early spring as refineries slow manufacturing to complete seasonal upkeep and adjust to summertime blends.

One particular such disruption occurred lately in the Memphis, Tenn., area. AAA mentioned that maintenance at a Valero refinery began earlier than expected, decreasing the supply of gas and sparking reviews that unbranded fuel stations have been working quick. Pump costs in the Memphis area rose 6 cents in the past week to $ 3.32. photo by Evan Sears

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