Following Audi R8 noticed and heard in this spy video

Audi R8 spy video

A number of weeks in the past, our clandestine spy photographers brought house the initial excellent seem at the up coming-generation Audi R8. We had been all pretty stoked.

Seemingly following the game prepare of the not too long ago proven Audi TT, the subsequent R8 seems to be to be an evolutionary update on a supercar form that pretty a lot absolutely everyone loves.

Right now, the identical shooters that snapped the automobile in stills have delivered some quite compelling moving photos of the issue. Captured the 2 in some significantly less-than-inspiring around-town traffic conditions and out on the Nürburgring, the video delivers our 1st taste of the new R8’;s auditory splendor. Effectively… a taste of it, anyway.

If you’;re listening for clean audio of the R8 in action, we advocate quickly-forwarding to the :45-second mark, and the one:35-2nd mark, the place the Audi 4.2-liter V8 (we think) can be heard pretty effectively. The rest of the audio is somewhat muddied by other ring traffic, however the car even now seems reasonably amazing although underway. Verify out the full video under.

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