Fiat mulling acquire of MV Agusta?

MV Agusta

Apparently to be a great automaker in Europe, you have to build motorcycles. Volkswagen Group purchased Ducati in 2012, and BMW has produced bikes longer than it is created cars (right up until lately, it also owned Husqvarna). Fiat may possibly be the next automaker to get into the 2-wheel company, with rumors flying that it is contemplating purchasing cash-strapped Italian sportbike brand MV Agusta.

At the minute, it really is all nonetheless really much a rumor, but the buy would surely look to assist the motorbike company. Nevertheless, according to Asphalt and Rubber, the company would want a good deal of cash to grow and sustain itself. Fiat may not want to invest so much into a brand that may in no way be a huge moneymaker.

MV Agusta is ideal acknowledged for its racing achievement in the ’;50s and ’;60s. Right up until Japanese makers took over the sport, the Italian company was one particular of the quickest issues on 2 wheels, with a prolonged record of championships in a variety of courses. Just lately, it was briefly owned by Harley-Davidson.

Nonetheless, Fiat would very likely only have to shell out a fraction of the rumored $ one.1 billion that Audi plunked down to obtain Ducati. MV Agusta is a considerably smaller brand with fewer income, and Sergio Marchionne has established himself to be a canny negotiator – he may be in a position to add yet another brand to the firm for a steal.

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