Fernando Alonso assured that Ferrari can compete with Mercedes for F1 title: Alonso and most of the area are attempting to catch up to the cars fielded by Mercedes

Alonso and most of the field are striving to catch up to the vehicles fielded by Mercedes

By: Adam Cooper on 4/03/2014

Fernando Alonso finished 4th in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

LAT PHOTOGRAPHIC – Fernando Alonso completed 4th in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso nonetheless thinks Ferrari can remain in the battle for the 2014 Planet Championship all the way to the finale in Abu Dhabi.

“It’s the third race in the championship, Thursday afternoon. So, definitely, yes” he mentioned when asked by Autoweek if he really believed it was possible. “I’m nevertheless considering that we can do a good occupation. It is a quite younger vehicle, really early days on the development of the auto.

“All the factors that we discover, either on the wind tunnel or in the energy location, they are not the measures that we are used to seeing in the last many years, when you noticed half a tenth, half a tenth. Now you see a couple of tenths in any actions, so I think there is really very good space to improve in all regions, to grow to be more aggressive.

“And, at the very same time, it is the exact same for everybody, so we just require to be a minor bit a lot more clever than the other teams and discover this added. Sadly, it looks that we started out with a deficit, so we need to close that gap. But the likely is there, and there is no query that we believe that in Abu Dhabi, we will be in the battle, that is for sure.”

Asked about regardless of whether Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg was the favourite, he joked, “In fact, Hamilton is one stage behind me, so theoretically I’m a lot more of a preferred than him correct now! We’ll see Sunday afternoon, but right now…”

Alonso says it is extremely hard to judge how much of the deficiency to Mercedes was down to the energy unit to the chassis.

“It’s difficult to split the variation of the places that they are stronger. We all know that the energy unit is quite productive and really powerful simply because we see all the vehicles they are quite competitive with the Mercedes engine. If we see the McLaren car, for illustration, finishing 84 seconds I consider behind Hamilton, the Mercedes vehicle has one thing also good. It’s not only the engine since they are performing properly.

“We just need to have to enhance the package. We just require to enhance in all areas and do much better. We have the Red Bull instance, also. After a challenging winter and some problems, they managed to alter the situation and turn into aggressive really rapidly. We will consider to do far better. It’s only the second race, a prolonged way to go, and we are ready to fight.”

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