Felix Baumgartner parachutes into racing at Nürburgring 24

Felix Baumgartner climbs into Audi R8 LMS Ultra

There are a lot of commonalities to be found among astronauts and racing drivers. Both are daredevils by definition (if not by trade), both topic themselves to unfathomable G forces and the 2 face extremely actual hazards when strapped into machinery that helps make the extremely greatest use of superior propulsion, aerodynamics and composite development technologies. But you will not uncover significantly crossover amongst the 2. There was speak of Niki Lauda, himself an skilled pilot, education to go into area with Virgin Galactic (which itself was sister to an F1 crew for a even though in Richard Branson’;s empire), but that didn’;t seem to be to materialize. Now we’;re acquiring news that Felix Baumgartner will contest the Nürburgring 24 Hrs this 12 months.

Felix Whomgartner, you request? Felix Baumgartner. He’;s much more of a skydiver than an astronaut, but he produced historical past in 2012 when he jumped out of a room capsule and set the record for the highest altitude in a manned balloon, the parachute jump from the highest altitude, and the highest velocity freefall as part of the Red Bull Stratos initiative. In other phrases, he may possibly as well be an astronaut, simply because he fell down to the earth’;s surface from the stratosphere.

For his subsequent challenge, Baumgartner will be climbing into an Audi R8 LMS Ultra in an attempt to tackle the Nürburgring. Possessing contested a handful of spec races beneath the VW Group umbrella, he’;ll undertake several test sessions and practice races before the primary occasion in June, in which he’;ll alternate behind the wheel with expert racing drivers Frank Biela, Marco Werner and Pierre Kaffer. The initiative is part of the Audi race expertise program that enables gentleman racers to staff up with seasoned pros to take component in real races. Baumgartner will undoubtedly prove its highest-profile participant.

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