Far more Folks Are Working From Residence To Steer clear of Longer Commute

Wednesday, 02/04/2014

Some exciting outcomes have surfaced from the 2011 Census exhibiting individuals are doing work from residence much more often, but that individuals who do commute have to travel a longer distance. The figures have been highlighted in a information report by MSN Autos:

“Figures demonstrate the typical commute has elevated from 73 miles in 2001 to 9.32 miles in 2011. Men and women living in the East of England travelled the furthest to operate at an regular distance of 10.34 miles – even though people in London had the shortest commutes averaging 6.83 miles.

Even so, in 2011 one particular in 10 individuals worked from property – a .8% rise because 2001 – and a further 8% have no fixed spot of work, meaning only 81% created a standard commute in 2011, compared to 86% 10 years earlier.

On common, men commute more than women, with 42% of males travelling far more than 6.2 miles to work compared to thirty% of females.”

The increase in these operating from residence could suggest quieter roads throughout the traditional rush hour periods, which is excellent news for commuters all over the place!

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